The beginnings of the P.O.S. of A. Fraternity may be found in the early days of our American Republic. Patriots banded together to uphold the principles of Americanism and duty to our flag. In 1847 the P.O.S. of A. was established to serve Our Country.

Basic Aims and Purposes

  • Arouse appreciation of the heritage of freedom which is ours under God as American Citizens.
  • Establish a feeling of devotion to country, its Institutions, the Constitution of the United States, and respect for our Flag.
  • Support and defend the American System of Public Schools.
  • Oppose foreign interference in State and National affairs.
  • Advocate a firm program and legislation for National Defense and the Security of the Nation.
  • Oppose all subversive movements against our Constitutional Government and the powers of law and order.
  • Work for adequate restriction of immigration.
  • Cultivate harmony, fellowship, and friendship among the membership.

Patriotic Services

  • Worked for and secured law making Flag Day a National Holiday
  • Originated idea and continues to present Stars and Stripes to public schools and churches etc.
  • Presents awards to outstanding citizens to recognize distinguished service to our country
  • Cooperates with pro American organizations on behalf of our Nation’s welfare

Description of Organization

The Patriotic Order Sons of America was organized December 10, 1847 to preserve the Public School System, The Constitution of the United Sates and our American way of life. It was incorporated by an Act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, February 27, 1867. The subordinate unit, Washington Camp #150 was chartered by the Parent Corporation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, May 21, 1871.

A Historic Service rendered by the Patriotic Order Sons of America includes the saving of Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge and the surrounding grounds. As a result, by an agreement with the Valley Forge Park Commission acting for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, December 4, 1919, Our Order was given the use of the old “Riddle Mansion” standing on the west bank of Valley Creek, just south of the Colonial stone bridge with carries Gulph Road over the stream. This building, called Patriot’s Hall, is the present monument, shrine, reception center and National Headquarters of the Order. The park is now under the supervision of the National Park Service.

In 1959 the administration of all affairs relative to the care of the Order’s Shrine with curtilage surrounding at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, was given to the Washington Camp #150 Commission associated together and for the Patriotic Society by the National and Pennsylvania State Organization.

All Activity is approved under the laws, rules, and edicts of the parent organization. The commission is to provide a continuing National Information and Promotional Center for the Patriotic Order Sons of America; a work including the development, cataloging, editing and distribution from historical and contemporary Patriotic Order Sons of America records and information, the lessons and pleasures of history and Americanism, to the citizens of the United States of America.

Details for the Commission cover maintenance, etc., of property and grounds, the authority to solicit gifts and donations for the Commission and to assist the entire Order for all of its purposes. As called and known: The Commission for the Patriotic Order Sons of America Research and Service Center, Box 124, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 19482 , is permitted to receive, administer and disburse funds received from gifts and donations that will aid the entire Fraternal Structure in its Organization, Education, Patriotic and Civic Purposes.

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